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Just like your car or house can be broken into at any time of any day, your website faces threats around the clock. Hackers prowl websites constantly looking for vulnerability’s. In 2017, 1.5 million WordPress sites were hacked within a few days of discovering a vulnerability.

You run a monthly malware scan and discover, that your site is infected with malware. When was the last time you did a scan on your website has the site been infected for one day or 30? What damage has been done, and what data has been stolen, in that time?

Imagine that you install a plugin, and your site goes down because the plugin is incompatible with the outdated version of WordPress.  What now?

A customer tells you that your website is down, you find out its been down for a week.  What would this cost you Potentially?  With uptime monitoring you would know 5 minutes after the site went down.

Ok you or someone on your staff is trying to add some content or make a change and accidentally messes the site up. No problem. You can just restore it, right? Wait, your last backup was a month ago. Are you alright with rolling back to a month-old version of your website?

The above items are just a few real-world examples and happen every day around the clock, your best defense Is to ensure that your site is monitored and maintained daily.  There is a ton of Free products to help you achieve this if you have the time and experience to set it up and monitor it, however remember you get what you pay for. As a business owner, I respect the desire to save a buck. However, this isn’t the place to do that. TNT Technology can set up a Monitoring and Maintenance program that will keep your website up to date and secure.

Some of the Monitoring and Maintenance Services  we offer

  • Website Site Backup
  • System Updates (WordPress, Plugins, Themes)
  • Monitor Up Time
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Monitor Security
  • Content Creation 
  • Firewalls

The only people that don’t take monitoring and maintenance seriously are the ones that have not had a problem YET!  Don’t find out the hard way how serious it is.

We hope that you fond some of the information above useful. TNT Technology would love the Opportunity to work with you on any of your SEO, website design, maintenance, or Monitoring needs. Simply give us a call (480) 999-4202 or simply follow the link below and provide us the needed information and we will analyze the information and send you some base pricing. We will also send you a detailed report on your Existing website if you have one. We hope that we can do some business together.

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