• Lighting Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Automatic Locks
  • Alarm Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • TV Control
  • Water System Control
  • Appliance Control
  • Voice Automation Control
  • Whole home Audio

Smart Home Automation

This is an amazing technological time we live in! When it comes to smart home automation and Media rooms we are the number one choice, we will custom design a system that will work for the things you want to accomplish.

Having a smart automated house is like having a 24/7 butler just imagine…

You come home from work and as you pull in the driveway your alarm system is disarmed, your garage door opens, the lights turn on, the temperature of the house is set to you desired temperature, and the TV in the living Room is turned on with you favorite channel.  The night is over, and you are ready for bed you can tell your Favorite Smart assistant (Google Home, Amazon Alexa, ect) that you are going to bed and all of the doors are locked, windows are checked that they are closed, all the lights in the house turn off, and your alarm is set.  If that’s not enough you get ready and leave the hose for work or???  you don’t need to worry about anything! As you pull down the street the lights turn off, doors lock, temperature is set to your desired setting, and the alarm system is activated.  everything can be customized to the number of people in the house.  This is just a very small example of the possibility’s and it can be done fare less than you would believe.  We can set up a small system that can grow over time.

Here is a quick example of how we solved a client’s problem:
Our client would always come home and ask his kids if they fed the dogs and the typical response was “I forgot” so our solution was to set up a sensor on the dog food container and with the help of a pre-written routine our client’s problem was solved, and he never had to think about it again. This is how it worked, if the dog food container was not opened by 4:00 the system would send a text message to his kids that “the dogs need to be fed” and would turn off the Wi-Fi in the house temporarily. This solved the problem for good.

only recently has technology caught up to the idea of allowing full control of your home from anywhere at a price that is affordable for everyone.  The Home Automation possibilities are truly endless, you will wonder how you ever got along with out it.

With the affordable Smart Home Technology that is avable today we can truly do some incrubilit things.  This is some of the item that are avable to control with Voice, over the internet, of with automatic routines.

  • Indor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Alarm Systems
  • Thurmastats 
  • Appliances 
  • Hole Home Audio
  • Video Servalance
  • Water Detection 
  • Door Locks

With a smart Smoke alarm like the Nest Protect and a few other devices you can create a routine that can be very helpful in a bad situation:

It 2:00 am and the smoke alarm detects smoke in the house,  the alarm sounds and every light turns on in the house and the doors are automatically unlocked.  With this set up there is no need to fumble around with the lights or door locks everyone is able to quickly  find there way out  to safety. 

Water damage is the most common reason for home owner’s insurance claims, in the US 14,000 people experience a water damage problem every day!  A Smart Home can help. There are several very good smart water detection systems on the market when integrated with Samsung SmartThings we can create a routine like this:

You are away from your house and the kitchen supply line fails and starts spewing water under the sink, the second the water censer detects moisture it sends a signal to your smart water valve outside and it turns off the water, then the system will send you a text message that water was detected under the kitchen sink.  The hole mess is cleaned up with a towel.  This can all be set up for far less than most insurance deductible, or you can come home to water running out the front door.

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Wouldn’t it be nice next time you sit down to watch tv and you forgot to turn off the kitchen light, to just be able to say “Kitchen Light Off:

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