Who Is TNT Technology?

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of TNT Technology to give our clients the absolute best solutions to their technology related problems or needs and provide them the greatest value for their money. We will never forget that without our clients we are nothing!

Core Values

  • Provide Value.
  • Take Ownership.
  • Have Transparency.
  • Do What’s Right Even When It’s Hard.
  • Be Trustworthy.
  • Give Back.

Our Company

TNT Technology Was founded almost 2 decades ago in Anchorage Alaska by Troy Hebert and in 2009 was moved to Mesa Arizona (Alaska to Arizona one extreme to the other).  The companies has employees all around the US that all work remotely as a team, by having this type of structure it allows us to have the best people and a much lower overhead than most company’s like ours, and for this reason we can be very completive and provide a greater value to our clients.  We only do onsite service work in Arizona; however, we do Remote IT work, Website Design, and SEO anywhere in the world. TNT Technology   is committed to being a comprehensive solutions for the computer/web technology industry. One of our many goals was to have a no-nonsense approach when dealing with clients (If its broken then tell them it’s broken and provide a solution).  We also want to provide our clients with value not to be confused with cheap, that we are not, however the value you receive from any of our services will be well worth the cost. Every single person at the company is obsessed with the area they specialize in and are committed to being the best. There are hundreds even thousands of company’s that are bigger in size but we don’t believe that anybody will provide better care to their clients than we can. 

We, the team at TNT Technology promise to give 110% to every project we take on, if we cant do that we wont take the job!

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